Grand Jubilé

des 350 ans des apparitions

de Jésus à sainte Marguerite-Marie

"Rendre amour pour amour"


From May 1 to 5, 2024

“Repairing the irreparable”

Our aim is to listen once again to Jesus’ call for reparation at Paray-le-Monial. We believe that this request is very timely, when we see how the concept of “reparation” is becoming prominent in the socio-cultural context. And we believe that Jesus’ request still has a breath of fresh air to bring to our spiritual lives.

Our starting point will be the writings of Saint Marguerite-Marie and the resonances they find in the Gospel and the history of the Church. Through theology and anthropology, we will look at how reparation is a gift from the Redeemer to us men and women who thirst to make reparation. By delving into the heart of the spirituality of reparation, we’ll see how it is an attention to Jesus, and a response of love, to make up for the irreparable shortcomings and failings of our lives. Examples will illustrate how brothers and sisters today are repairing, with their hearts and hands, the wounded Heart and Body of Jesus. Finally, we will ask whether Jesus’ call to reparation can open up a spiritual path in the crisis of abuse that the Church is going through. Welcoming victims, listening to them and accompanying them changes the face of the Church. They help us to hear Jesus’ cry at Paray-le-Monial. And Jesus’ teaching on reparation opens up a path of hope and truth for the whole Body. Some twenty speakers will be present, including: Amedeo Cencini, Mgr. Éric de Moulins- Beaufort, Serge-Thomas Bonino, Luis Navarro, Henry Donneaud, Isabelle Chartier-Siben, Rabbi Étienne Kerber, Jean-François Noël, Thérèse de Villette… ¨


Mgr Éric de Moulins-Beaufort

P. Serge-Thomas Bonino, op fr

P. Amedeo Cencini

P. Benoit Guédas

P. Luis Navarro

Fr. Henry Donneaud

Isabelle Chartier-Siben

Rabbin Etienne Kerber

Mgr Pascal Ide

P. Francisco Javier Pueyo Velasco

P. Etienne Kern

P. Agustín Giménez González

P. Benoit de Baenst, fr

P. Stefan Tertünte

P. Giuseppe Forlai

Agnès de Lamarzelle

Martin F. Echavarría

P. Víctor Javier Castaño Moraga

P. Ottavio De Bertolis

P. José Maria Alsina Casanova

Silvia Paradiso

Dario Di Maso

Massimo Marelli

Mgr Benoit Rivière

P. Martin Pradère.

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