A huge river

“Water was coming out from under the entrance of the Temple towards the East… It was flowing down from under the right side of the Temple passed the south side of the Altar… Here the water was flowing from the south side. With his measuring rod, the man measured five hundred metres downstream to the east and told me to wade through the stream there. The water came only to my ankles. Then he measured another five hundred metres, and the water came up to my knees. Another five hundred metres further down, the water was up to my waist. He measured five hundred metres more, and there the stream was so deep I could not wade through it.” (Ezekiel 47)

 This remarkable vision of the prophet announces magnificently this water which flows from the “right side” of the new Temple, which is Jesus Himself. This stream becomes a huge river, which crosses History and generations. It is the water of the Holy Spirit which constantly quenches the thirst of Humanity, renewed by a redeeming act “I saw the living water flowing from the Heart of Christ, Alleluia ! All those who bathe in this water will be saved and will sing : Alleluia !” (Hymn for the celebration of the Heart of Jesus).

Prayer :

Heart of Jesus, House of God, and Gateway to Heaven, have mercy on us.