« Peter turned round and saw behind him that other disciple, whom Jesus loved – the one who had leaned close to Jesus at the meal and had asked « Lord, who is going to betray You ? » When Peter saw Him, he asked Jesus « Lord, what about this man ? » Jesus answered him « If I want him to live until I come, what is that to you ? » (John 21)

 « John, the beloved disciple, who leant against Jesus » (John 13) during the Last Supper… He rested on his Sacred Heart. So He is the model of those who adore, of those who « live », and who watch, waiting across the generations that follow the coming of the Lord in glory ; St John Paul II invited these who adore to spend a long time « leaning over the breast of the Master, conversing with Him », to « almost hear the beatings of his Heart » (various writings on the Eucharist.)

 In the 13th Century, st Gertrude, during an apparition of Christ and st John, was able to repose on the Heart of the Lord and she could perceive « holy beatings » of this Divine Heart ; in the 17th Century, during the first great apparition, st Margaret Mary also had « the grace of resting at length on his Heart ». May these two saints together with st John and st John Paul II accompany us during our adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and may they help us to « give back love for love » to this «  Heart which loved man so much… » (Jesus to Margaret Mary.)

Prayer :

Happy disciple who the Maker of life allowed to rest on his Heart, Ah ! How I crave your happiness !