Come whoever is thirsty

«The Spirit and the Bride say : « Come ! ». Everyone who hears this must also say « Come ! ».
Come whoever is thirsty, accept the Water of Life as a gift, whoever wants it… Amen, come Lord Jesus ! » (Apocalypse 22).

The beloved woman of the Song of Songs sighs after her beloved man : « come back ». In the same way our hearts and all the Church (the Bride), sighs after the second coming in glory of our Lord. It is the Love of his Sacred Heart which attracts us irresistably : « place me like a seal on your heart ». (Words of the woman, Song of Songs.)

Prayer :

« O Jesus, take my heart, all my heart… keep it always close to Yours ; keep it completely in Yours, keep it forever for Yours » (Martha Robin).