Fresh fruit

“On each bank of the stream, all kinds of trees will grow to provide food. Their leaves will never wither and they will never stop bearing fruit. They will have fresh fruit every month, because they are watered by the stream that comes from the Temple. The trees will provide food, and their leaves will be used for healing people.” (Ezekiel 47)

 Again trees, with their fruits which could symbolise the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, which provide healing for us. “Because this water comes from the Temple”… i.e. for us from the Heart of Jesus. “I saw the Temple henceforth open to all, Alleluia ! Christ returns victorious, showing the wound in His side, Alleluia ! I saw the Word give us God’s peace, Alleluia ! All those who believe in His name will be saved and will sing : Alleluia !” (Hymn for the celebration of the Heart of Christ).

Prayer :

Heart of Jesus, holy Temple of the Lord, have mercy on us.