Today, I take five minutes.

Today, I take five minutes. I sit down comfortably, I breathe in deeply, slowly , I listen to calming music if it helps me to get into the exercise.

1- Recognise : I remember a very beautiful moment in my life. This first moment of gratitude can be the birth of a child, a victory, simple time spent with a friend. I let this moment appear plainly. I visualise the place, the people, the circumstances as clearly as I can, I look for sounds, smells, colours that surrounded that moment. Why was that moment so special ?

2 – Feel : How did I feel at that moment ? Pride ? Joy ? Marvel ? I try and live again this feeling and taste it anew, the gratitude can grow in my heart and fill it.

3- Give thanks : I give thanks for the chance I had to have lived that moment, no matter how simple it was. To whom did I owe it ? And what if I gave thanks in my heart to all the people that are concerned ? If I am a believer, I can thank God from whom all good things come.

As for any training, the art of repetition creates transformation. If you find this hard and you feel some resistance in you…It means that you are progressing ! The more you train the more gratitude will take root in you until it becomes like a second nature to you.