For the last month,we have been trying to choose gratitude willingly.

It is high time for a test !

At what level of gratitude am I ? No guiltiness… « the truth sets us free ! »

Level 1 : I live in ingratitude

* I am always grumbling and I am often complaining and even feeling a victim. I always tell myself« I have no luck » or « I can’t do anything about it », « it will never change ».

I have no gratitude for what I do or for who I am or for what I am living.

Level 2 : I feel gratitude instantly

*From time to time, I feel gratitude following a positive event

* This remains instant and is not recurrent

* The emotion I feel is the sign I am touched by goodness and and its free gift ? But I am not volontarily looking for it nor willing to act in return

Level 3 : I work at making the virtue of gratitude grow in me

* I practise conscientiously cultivating attitude of gratitude by paying attention to what is happening to me in order to recognise the gifts and, carried away by the emotion, I put some acts of gratitude

* I learn to remain in gratitude also when there are irritations and difficulties

* Virtue takes root in me. It is not yet spontaneous and sometimes difficult, but I am doing better !

Level 4 : Gratitude has become a usual habit in my life

I live a conditional gratitude (following a positive event), but also an unconditional one (independent to what is happening to me) : I receive each moment as a gift

* It all becomes easy : when virtue has taken root, I don’t need much effort in order to entertain it. Of course difficulties hinder me, but I am able to come back promptly to gratitude. Gratitude becomes a mark of my character. People tell me : « you are lucky, you always see things on the bright side ! »