Lord will be King

“When that time comes”, says the Lord Almighty, “a fountain will be opened to purify the descendants of David and the people of Jerusalem from their sin and idolatry… When the day comes, fresh water will flow from Jerusalem, half of it to the Dead Sea, and the other half to the Mediterranean. It will flow all the year around, in the dry season as well as the wet. Then the Lord will be King over all the earth ; everyone will worship as God and know Him by the same name.” (Zechariah 13-14).

 The open fountain symbolises in advance the pierced Heart of Jesus, from where flows the water of purification (the water of baptism) ; this takes place in Jerusalem. Then Zechariah gives a new universal dimension to this flowing of the water (“half towards the east, half towards the west”), announcing the universality of salvation ; and also the permanent nature of this inexhaustible flow (“all year around”) ; which prepares the coming of the Lord in Glory at the end of times (“the the Lord will be King over all the earth.”)

Prayer :

Heart of Jesus, sovereign Majesty, have mercy on us.