Semaine 4

Becoming au master in the virtue of gratitude

« Whose sin caused him to be born blind ?
He is blind so that God’s power might be seen at work in him » (John 9 : 2-3)

 We feel happy and full of enthusiasm when we receive good news. Our gratitude seems natural to us, it overflows ! Then comes an irritation and we find ourselves lacking energy and desire. Often our mood fluctuates according to external events which we perceive as being positive or negative.

However, developing gratitude allows you to progressively become master of your inner state and to be better aware of its struggles. It is not to remain stoic in all circumstances and to no longer feel pleasure or sadness, it is rather to avoid the internal swings which can be brutal and make us lose our peace. It is also to learn how to see more broadly everything that we are living through or suffering.


And what if we revisited the monologue of Otis about himself (in the film « Asterix Mission Cleopatra »). Like Otis, do your own small monologue of gratitude, where you will mention people you have met, your talents, etc. :

« I don’t believe there is any good or bad situation… on the contrary… I give thanks to life, I say thank you, I sing life, I danse life, I am nothing but love ! And finally when a lot of people say to me « how do you achieve this humanity ? », I say to them quite simply it is this taste for love, this taste which has pushed me today to engage in a mechanical construction and which tomorrow will lead me, who knows, to the service of the community through the gift of oneself… »