Silent of God

If I am a believer, I recognise the support of God in my ordeal. Notably the help of Jesus himself in the Sacraments and particularly his presence in the Eucharist, in prayer. In spite of the apparent silent of God, at the moment of the death of Jesus on the Cross, he never abandoned his Son. I also, at the moment of anguish, am not forsaken by the Father. I read and meditate on this text of Adémar de Barros (1929,…), Brasilian poet, who helps me penetrate this mystery of the presence of God :

« That night, I had a dream, I saw the footsteps of my life in the sand : I was walking along the shore with the Lord. I could see footsteps in the sand recalling the journey of my life : the footsteps of the Lord and mine. So we were walking together towards the end  of the journey.Sometimes I could only see one footprint in the sand, this happened at the most difficult times, the days of the greatest anxieties, of the greatest fears, the greatest pain…

I called out : « Lord, you said you would be with me everyday of my life, I accepted living with you. Why did you leave me alone at the worst moments ? »

He answered me : « My son, I told you : I will be with you all along the journey. I promised to never leave you. Did I abandon you ? When you only see one footprint in the sand, it is because that day, it is I who carried you ».