Tear the captives away from the darkness

“Ô Key of David, ô Sceptre of Israel, you open it, and none will close it, you close it, and none will open it: tear the captives away from the darkness, come, Lord, come to save us !”

 During the closing ceremony of the great jubilee of the year 2000, on January 6th 2001, we had proceeded to the closing of the Holy Door of st Peter’s Basilica in Rome, this Door which remained open during the whole jubilee year. After the closing, John Paul II in his homely on that day, said : “With the closing of the Holy Door, it is a symbol of Christ which closes. But the Heart of Jesus remains more than ever open, for our contemporary humanity…”. We have just read : “you open it, and none will close it….”. In another context, the glorious Christ appearing to John, the visionary of the Apocalypse, says : “here am I, alive for centuries to come. I hold the keys of death and Hades.” Let us then enter through this very Holy Door which is the open Heart of Jesus in order to enter the fullness of Life.

Prayer :

Heart of Jesus, holy temple of the Lord, have mercy on us.