Second enemy

Let us struggle against a second enemy : impatience. « When I earn such an amount, when I have moved house, when I have found a soul-mate… I will be happy ! » Sometimes, what we have is not enough for us, things don’t move quickly enough or one is never quite right in spite of success. Impatience is a form of ingratitude with respect to the present. Gratitude on the other hand, allows us appreciate what we have, what we do, what we are and thus we can be satisfied from today. Enjoying our present and real life is also the best of ways to build a serene and motivating future !

If we don’t have what we like, well let us like what we have ! Activity : I take care for a whole day to receive each moment and each person in gratitude, in the belief that « everything is grace ». I give thanks for the joyful moments. I welcome and embrace the difficult and irritating moments, because I know that they also are given by God and are a source of graces for me.