Something good from the bad

The exercise which I did yesterday has allowed me to draw something good from the bad.

Believer or not, I note that even negative events make me grow. God doesn’t send me ordeals, but « we know that in all things God works for good with those who love him » (Romans 8 : 28).

Today, I can, within the most intimate of my being, recognise that if I am opening my heart to the Love of God, he himself allows everything to benefit me : in his all powerfulness, God is capable of drawing out good even from evil.

Activity : I can repeat this sentence which inspires in me great confidence in life : « My God, I believe most firmly that You watch over all those who hope in You, and that we can want for nothing, when we rely upon You in all things ; therefore I am resolved for the future to have no anxieties, and to cast all my cares upon You. (St Claude La Colombière).