Week 2

Growing in gratitude for what i am

 « He is happy that we are here » Peter says (Matthew 17 : 4)

In Genesis, God marvels before man : « God saw that it was very good… » (Genesis 1 : 31) « You are precious to me and I love you and give you honour » (Isaiah 43 : 4)

From our point of view, the true love of oneself is difficult to feel. We often swing between two extremes. To think too much of oneself is to place oneself above others, to believe oneself better, and to suffer from pride. To think too little of oneself makes us undervalue ourself, loss of self esteem : « I am rubbish », « I am useless » ! This word is neither true nor humble !

Not valuing oneself enough as well as pride are major obstacles to receiving (to let oneself be loved) and to giving (to love in return). Before we can marvel at what we are, whilst accepting our limits and our weaknesses, here is a quest to follow and a gift to receive !


I give up making comparisons, instead replacing them with gratitude for my talents.

Making comparisons is destructive. It focuses us on our shortcomings and prevents us from seeing our talents. Making comparisons is a poison which leads us to sadness, jealousy indeed self-destruction.

Activity : I list my qualities and my talents in just recognition of what I am ! I don’t stop until I reach 15 ! I rejoice at these gifts and I express my gratitude to my Creator.