Week 7

Announcing gratitude

« Wasn’t it like a fire burning in us when he talked to us on the road. » (Luke 24 : 32)

 The testimony of Jesus to the two disciples of Emmaus (Luke 24 : 12-35), who lost their hope becomes a transmission of an internal fire, which restores their joy. For forty days, we have been practising living in gratitude. It is time to share what we have experienced : how gratitude can be infectious and give back joy, hope to those who surround us. This small testimony can change our way of living and can be duplicated in many ways. It’s up to us to invent them !

 « One day, as I was coming out of work, I find myself having to fill up with petrol urgently, not having noticed that the level in the tank was not enough to get home. Arriving at the petrol station, I look for my credit card, but I did not have it ! I approach a lady and ask her if she will fill up for me, that I will pay her in cash, leaving her a profit to compensate her and to reassure myself that she will accept the deal. She accepts, puts in her card and tells me to fill up for 20 euros (the amount of the cash). No less, and she adds… no more. I thank her. In amazement I see her leave without checking if I am taking the right amount.

In one moment, I realise three things : one doesn’t buy kindness, it’s a personal choice on one’s part. Secondly, I wouldn’t have had this freedom (because full of mistrust, I would have said I wanted to wait for the receipt for my accounts and to check the quantity). Finally I realise that she has given me a fine lesson in charity !

I find myself rejoicing and smiling in gratitude as I set off again. Happy not to go back home on foot, edified by this gratuitous act of assistance and having been shown the road I need to travel to be able to change my outlook and my heart ! » Jean.

Gratitude gives rise in me to altruistic and benevolent behaviour, which could inspire such behaviour in others and through transmission change the world.


Christ is risen ! The joy of the Christian is also an experience : « we are witnesses to it », say the apostles, the saints and the Christians of today. We also desire to transmit this sweet experience of gratitude through witness and through a way of living.

Activity : And what it the witness of one of my ordeals could encourage someone to persevere in all his difficulties ?

Video bonus : « Attitude of gratitude ». The testimony of Nick Vujicic on his handicap.

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