Week 3

Gratitude, antidote to hyper-consumerism

« Give me that water, then I will never be thirsty again.» (John 4 : 15)

 « I spend therefore I am… » Descartes (credit).

This graffiti spotted in the street, may sum up our society : The important thing is « to treat oneself !» Henceforth you need « to take, consume, throw away » !

We are basically creatures of desire : we aspire to something bigger than us. Believers or not, we have within us  an irresistible thirst for everything. Society therefore aims, in order to « satisfy » and stoke our desire which is never extinguished, to suggest to us « consumer goods », which are bought…

In the « everything straightaway », by pushing us to constantly seek more pleasure, the consumer society generates an explosion of dependency and addictions of all kinds.

Gratitude, on its side, makes me recognise what I have and invites me to devote myself to another wellmeaning trinity « receive-enjoy-thank ».

This week, let us dare to believe that less goods create more ties !

Video bonus : Catherine and Liliane, H§M. And you, are you a victim of fashion ?