The heavenly Jerusalem

“Ô King of the universe, ô  Desired one of the nations, the corner stone which joins the one and the other wall, strength of the man made from soil, come, Lord, come and save us !”

 This invocation is very rich with scriptural verses. The Christ, King of the universe, is awaited in his glorious coming by all of Creation and by the nations that desire Him so ardently (consciouslyor not). He was the corner stone (1Peter 2), which was rejected by men during the Passion, but chosen by God for the building of his Body which is the Church. In his Body and so in his Heart too, He makes the unity of all in the universal reconciliation (Ephesians 2). The first man, Adam, was made from the soil, the new Adam, the Christ, comes from Heaven in order to help us pass from this state of  corruption in which we are in this world, into an incorruptible world, the heavenly Jerusalem. When in contact with his Heart, our “heart of stone” may be changed into a “heart of flesh” (Ezekiel 36). The Heart of Jesus may become  from now on our home ; this is what it will be for Eternity.

Prayer :

Heart of Jesus, the  desired one on the eternal hills, have mercy on us.