Welcome my body

Welcome my body as a gift from God.

The Christian faith affirms the goodness and beauty of the body : God creates man, body and soul ; Jesus took on our flesh ; God offers us his body as food in the Eucharist, we await the resurrection of the flesh…

In our society, which presents idealised bodies, the link with our body is often difficult. Our body can be diminished, handicapped, ill, aging, tired, a cause of suffering, rejected as imperfect. Often we find it to be too or … not enough… tall, fat, small… inspite of its imperfections it is a marvel !

Activity : So today I accept my body such as it is. I thank God for the body he has given me, for the marvel which it is with its imperfections. I ask for the grace to have a positive regard for my body, to love it, to respect it, to take care of it.