Week 1 : The transforming power of gratitude

« Then the Spirit led Jesus into the desert ! » (Matthew 4 : 1)

The first week of lent is always a week when we meditate on Jesus for 40 days in the desert. This week, let us take a step whilst discovering that the virtue of gratitude can be displayed everywhere and even in some irritations. !

The issue is to see the right side of things, and thus rediscover that the many irritations we encounter everyday can indeed make us progress !

And what if we tried not to complain ?…


In my notebook, I note 3 reasons to be in gratitude for the place I live in (my house, my flat, my neighbourhood, my town…) ?

Note : This exercise that consists in writing in your notebook may seem at first a little artificial or « forced », like the way you drive when you are first learning. Trust ! You will notice that, in persevering, you will manage to create a habit of gratitude in your life, and to take it in you permanently.